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I got up at about 10:00, and cooked some sausage for sausage biscuits. Yum.

I went to Third Place at noon to meet Chasman. There was a black guy there, but he was working on a computer, and wasn't looking around like he was there to meet someone. I had on my ibm.com sweatshirt to be recognized by him, but didn't have any information about him. I'm assuming he's black from one of his journal entries where he talked about "being the only black guy there" wherever he was. I didn't want to say, "Are you Chasman," for a couple of reasons: 1) that doesn't sound like a real name, and 2) I just did that to a guy when I met Steven, and it wasn't him. I left there at about 1:45 to meet a311renegade to workout. It's been a Live Journal kind of day. :-)

Steven and I arrived before the gym opened, but not much. Thank goodness I had my jeans on and wasn't already in my shorts, as it was "nipply." I had a good workout, and, as always, enjoyed the view. A girl was on the elliptical machine between the two available, was just starting, and offered to move over one so that Steven and I could be on two that were next to each other. How thoughtful. I love thoughtful people.

After our 30 minutes on the ellipticals, Steven and I had a good chat walking the track, and the mile flew by. Cool.

When I got home, I saw a posting from Chasman that he'd gotten paged. Good to know he didn't just blow me off. He asked about meeting later today, but it was already later today. I said I could, but didn't think there was much of a chance since it really already was later in the day. Oh well. We'll get it together yet.

I exchanged a couple of emails with Robert today, and chatted once on the phone with him. He seems to be having a decent day. No change with his brother.

At about 6:30, I got the urge to get out of the house since I wanted to park my car out on Kaplan anyway, in case the forecasted snow actually arrives this time. I went to the 7:15 showing of Runaway Jury at the Blue Ridge 14. I enjoyed the movie. It was suspenseful, and I thought, "this is so much faster than reading the book." And that John Cusak is easy on my eyes, too. Dustin Hoffman sure is aging. I waited until the very end of the credits as Dylan McDermott (absolute dreamboat) was in the opening scene of the movie, but not listed in the opening credits. Nor was he listed in the closing "cast of characters." Odd.

When I left the theater, my windshields were covered with snow/slush. I didn't feel my car slide or slip at all on the short drive home, and parked out on Kaplan. It was icy walking up the Hunting Horn hill, though.

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