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Valentine's Dinner & The Velvet Party

I finished my reading for Monday and Wednesday's class today. The assignment for Monday's class was to read the last chapter of Dynamics in Document Design. I'm glad to be done with that 500 page book. It's hard to believe we read that whole book in four weeks. I'm glad to be done with it because: 1) the font is smaller than I'd like it to be, 2) it's "dense" reading, and 3) it's pretty much academic. The assignment for Wednesday was to read chapter one of the Kostelnick & Robert's book. I'm glad to be starting this book because: 1) the font is bigger, as are the page margins, 2) I like saying "Kostelnick," and 3) it's pragmatic in nature, which appeals to the S in my ESFJness.

I met Steve, Alan, and David at the Red Dragon for dinner. I had the "Aspargus Special (with Chicken)." This is the second time I've eaten at this place, and it's the second time I've not been impressed. Steve absolutely loves the place, though. We had a fun dinner conversation, which at times had a lot of "Who's on First" elements trying to describe the Will <> Tracey (who I kept calling Stacey, until Alan said we could all remember it if we thought of "Dick Tracey," which of course caused us all to "fall out") <> Chris <> Sam situation. It truly sounded like a soap opera, especially the part about Sam's amnesia.

From there, we went to Helios Coffee Company on Glenwood Avenue for some after-dinner coffee. Alan and David said that it's a much better place than Third Place. I, myself, did not find that to be true. I had a Mocha Frappe, which I wanted to be caramel instead. It was good, but not excellent.

From there we were all to meet at Flex. It was leather night, and since it was so early (around 9:30), most of the people there seemed to be in the Leatherman Club. We think they probably had just had a meeting there. Alan and David never showed up, and after about an hour, I walked down to "The Office," where the CMF event, "The Velvet Party" was going on.

It was an okay bar, with an okay crowd, but my first, and last bourbon and coke was all I needed to know about the place. The drink was the same size as the one I'd just had at Flex for $2.75, and this one was $6.00. I said my hellos to Mark Zumbach (so he'd see some "TCW presence to report back to Crape Myrtle), and then just watched the crowd from the raised area overlooking the dance floor.

After a while, my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was Steve. "I'm outside. Let's go to Snoopy's." I went outside, hopped in the car, and we went and fed our faces at Snoopy's. He dropped me back at my car.

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