DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Quote Crisis...

The time flew by at work today. Lila kept me on the phone while she crafted an email – that is so not a productive use of resources. Then the 11-12 TIGR meeting, which ended at 11:40.

I sat and ate lunch with Courtney, Pam, and Paul, and Steve Wood joined us about half way through.

After about 20 minutes, I saw Janet over by the windows trying to make a cell phone call. I waved her down, she got her lunch, and Sharon joined us. Mary and Suzanne had sent regrets. Sharon gave us the low-down on the variable pay and performance evaluation changes coming down for 2004. Janet drilled her, and pointed out all the negativity in it.

I spent the entire afternoon updating the XVIA DOM, but it’s in much better shape than when I started, so that’s good. I asked Mel to schedule the next two department meetings to “audit” it and discuss actions regarding it with the department. That should be interesting.

Robert called about five to say he’d be attending the Community Forum Meeting at Piper’s at 7. I told him it was at 6, and he headed directly there. I got there at about 5:35 to all kinds of drama. It seems Piper’s partner didn’t remember confirming the date, and they weren’t even expecting us. We scrambled about possibly getting some food from the grocery store, but in the end they ended up saying they’d be able to offer cold sandwiches.

Thanks goodness we didn’t go to a lot of trouble and expense as we had a grand total of about 15 people there other than the board members. It was a decent meeting, about what we expected. Except for the number of people.

I continue to wonder if the GLBT community in this area is that apathetic or if they’re just completely satisfied with life here. I hope it’s the latter, but it sure is frustrating to keep working as if it’s the former.

I got home to find Courtney reading in bed. I checked my e-mail, and we had a short discussion on punctuation inside or outside the quote. To my horror, it looks like it goes outside the ? and ! as well as the : and ; in the case where a , and . go inside the quote. I must check Strunk & White again, and alert Robert immediately. I also want to watch for this in my reading.

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