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Remodeling and addition (day 2)

~Thursday~  Welcome to the latest update and thanks for your interest in following along with our remodeling and addition adventure.

Several people have commented about how frustrating such a project can be, warned us to have patience as we proceed, and said that it'll undoubtedly be fraught with setbacks and delays.

Fortunately for us (and for the builder, because I do have high expectations and almost nonexistence patience), Bob has already been through a number of remodeling and addition projects on this house over the years. And we're working with the same builder that did the 2012 project, so that takes away a lot of the unknown right there.

The previous projects included:

  1. Added a linen closet in a hall area in 1989

  2. Replaced a roof around 1992

  3. Added central heat and air in 1996

  4. Remodeled the kitchen and converted a screened-in porch area, enclosing it to make it a dining area, around 1996

  5. Added on a deck in 1998

  6. Paved the driveway in 2001

  7. Added on a second bathroom in 2003—complete with sink, toilet, shower, and non other than a:

    wall urinal

  8. Converted the existing deck into a screened-in porch in 2007

  9. Added a lower deck in 2008

  10. Converted the carport into a garage and added on a front porch in 2012

  11. Remodeled the original bathroom (new sink and tiled floor and walls) in 2014

  12. Added and updated privacy fences over the years

Back to our current project...

Diana and Sean were back today. In Bob's affable and personable way, he has gotten to know each of them in the short amount of time they've been coming to the house.

  • Diana is a firefighter, she's from the Seattle area, and she came here 2 years ago for her job. She loves dogs (always a plus with Bob), and she has a lab.

  • Sean is also a firefighter. He has 4 little rat terriers, so he's also in like flint.

Our builder, Brett, who uses Diana and Sean as contractors, is also a firefighter. Things that make you go, "Hmmmm."

Here are a couple of pictures of today's progress, with the first one being a reminder of the starting point.

The back of the house before any work began at all
Back of the house

The lower-level deck is gone
Lower-level deck gone

The gutters have been removed
Gutters gone

Our first dumpster load is ready to be emptied
First full dumpster ready to be emptied
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