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The Martin-McVeigh remodeling and addition...

~Tuesday~  Bob and I are about to start an adventure. We're remodeling some of our existing house and putting on an addition.

The remodeling involves the current dining area, which will become an office; our current kitchen, which will become a dining area and galley kitchen; and our porch, which will be moved and changed a little. The addition involves a new master bedroom and bathroom, and a wet bar.

Here are the plans: (The areas that look like lattice work are the existing areas of the house that aren't being touched.)

House plans.png

We've been waiting a long time to get started, so I don't think it's that unreasonable how excited I was to see a dumpster in our driveway when I headed out to work this morning. (Hover over pics for captions.)

Empty dumpster head-onEmpty dumpster side view

I didn't really expect much more to happen today, as Bob is really the one who's up on the day-to-day scheduling with the contractor and workers. I just assumed we'd get the dumpsters today and that the work would start tomorrow.

So, imagine my surprise (and pleasure!) to find all this as part of the first day's progress, starting with these three "before" pictures: (Click on pics to enlarge.)

Back of house center viewBack of house left-side view

Back of house right-side view

And these three "after" pics for the day:
Left side of porch lattice and screening coming downBack side and right side porch screening down

Start of deck demolition

And so begins our long journey, which is estimated to take six months.
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