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The Atomic Man (1955)...

~Wednesday~ I'm not a fan of sci-fi, so it's an anomaly that I watched this film. Bob had paid—which is also an anomaly—to stream it from Netflix, and since we had access to it for several days, I went ahead and watched it, too.

Bob had already watched it, himself, but he watched again with me—sitting in front of my computer in the dining room, since it was relatively short at just over an hour, and I like the big screen I have with my desktop computer.

The synopsis

An atomic scientist is found floating in a river with a bullet in his back and a radioactive halo around his body. The radioactivity has put him seven-and-a-half seconds ahead of us in time. He teams up with a reporter to stop his evil double from destroying his experiments in artificial tungsten. - Written by Marty McKee

The trailer

My thoughts and observations

  • Surprisingly, I enjoyed this movie.

  • What piqued my interest about this film was that notion of the character being 7.5 seconds ahead of us in time. It was, in fact, the deciding factor in watching it. I wouldn't have watched this if it was about, say, aliens or other "classic" sci-fi elements, which I don't care for.

  • I would say, in general, the story was fairly plausible, the acting was better than I'd expected, and the dialogue was not stilted, even approaching clever, at times.

  • Themes touched on in this movie included:
    • Good conquers evil
    • Man vs. science
    • Work vs. relationships
    • "Crime noir" (This is also a detective story.)
    • Nuns as nurses
    • Getting the dame in the end

  • I gave this movie one thumb up.

It appears this film is available to watch for free on Vimeo.

If that doesn't work, try it on archive.org.

Have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think of it?
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