DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Rockola and pool...

We got up around 10, and had a sausage, egg, and cheese bagel with Orange Juice for breakfast. Robert left shortly after that, and I read the rest of my Wednesday's class's reading.

At 5:00, I showered, and then met Joe at Rockola for dinner. We had three appetizers for dinner: cheese fries (with chili on the side for Joe), chicken tenders in BBQ sauce, and Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dressing. Oh so healthy, but at least we didn't get "stuffed."

We went to Flex, and had a couple of drinks while we waited for one of the pool tables to come open. Finally one did, and we played a couple of games.

Then this guy named Brian came up, and we played "Australian Doubles" with him at his insistence. Fortunately, half way through the game, they called his name on the other table. I said, "No, go ahead; don't worry about it."

We finished that game, and then Andre appeared. Grrrrr. He played one game against Joe and lost when he scratched on the 8-ball. I then played another game with Joe.

In the meantime, Andre went over to the other table and talked with that Brian guy, and then they came back and Andre put his name back on the board. When Joe and I finished our game, we gave the table to Andre and Brian.

We sat and chatted, and watched the Grammy's with no sound, which was a little frustrating. Right before Karaoke started, Michael L. came in and eventually came up to us and said hi, and introduced Frank to us. Frank seemed to take a liking to Joe, and I took that as a good opportunity to say good-night, telling Joe in his ear as I left, "I want a full report in the morning." That Frank had the hottest ass.

At home, I chatted briefly with Steve and Robert via AIM, and then updated the TPDM Education stats to have for tomorrow morning.

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