DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Homework and dancing...

We spent a lot of time reading today. I completed all of Monday's reading, and the first ten pages or so of Wednesday's meeting.

Robert left for a while to do the whirlpool at the spa -- trying to ease the pain in his bruised shoulder from his fall on the ice a week or so ago. He's waiting to hear from the doctor on whether or not there's a fracture.

When he returned, we ran to Sam's. He got his card made, and I went to see if there were any workers "demoing" food. None. I bought a bag of Energy Bars, and the 2003 Turbo Tax w/State software.

We stopped at Arby's and ordered four Jr. Roast Beef sandwiches, of which we each ate one. We put the other two in the fridge for a midnight snack.

We left for dancing at about 8:15. Dancing was fun, as always. Near the end of the night, after not seeing Robert for about an hour, I found him. Seems he'd had a lot more drinks since I saw him last.

We left there between 11:30 and midnight.

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