DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Haircut and Games...

I got my haircut with Thomas and got caught up on the latest with Rob. Looks like he's got himself a 22 year old boyfriend. Good for him! The latest animal count is one dog, 7 cats, and 2 rats.

Robert and I had a quick dinner of hamburgers on Italian bread, and some baked French fries. Pretty yum.

I was in charge of Games Night, and we ended up with a pretty decent crowd, and I laughed all night long.

I played "Careers" with Brian and Richard (who has lost 92 pounds on the Atkins diet, and was hot). Brian described the game as "one of those games teen age girls get together and play," which cracked me up. It turned out to be quite fun.

After that, we played a round of Password, which was also fun, and our team kicked ass. It was 100 to something like 32.

Following that we played Taboo, which was just a riot. We closed the place up at about 11:40, a little later than I would have preferred, but folks were having fun.

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