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Dry January (Day 15)

~Friday~  I met Todd, at Flex, where it was "Go-go Dancers Friday," as usual.

I drank (regular, plain, free) water there this evening. None of the usual "Friday night pests" were there, which was a godsend. Only one of the four dancers piqued my interest at all.

Sometime around midnight, I think it was, we walked over to The Borough, where I had a Diet Coke. I debated getting something to eat, as I had 420 calories left to eat tonight, if I wanted to, and I thought about having what would probably be my last order of:

The Boomerang

Chopped spinach and mushrooms mixed with spices, jack cheese, and cream served with toasted baguette rounds drizzled with garlic infused oil.

but Todd wasn't hungry, so I passed, because I know I would have eaten the whole thing myself and didn't want to.

Thoughts and observations tonight:

  • I thought, "If I were drinking, I definitely would not have 420 calories to spare at this hour of the night."

  • This is "hump weekend" (phrase coined by Todd) which is to say, by the end of the weekend, we'll be over the halfway mark of Dry January.

  • The Dry January article that prompted me to do this, said, "The first two weeks will be really hard," but I don't see this getting any easier as the rest of the month unfolds. The thing is, the "triggers" that make me think of having a drink, aren't going to change over the next two weeks.

  • Thinking about triggers made me think of two things coming up that I mentioned in my Day 1 entry, where I said I thought they were going to be challenging—one's a week from tomorrow (an annual gathering of friends to celebrate all of our 2016 birthdays at once), and the other's the week after that (a work-related party that includes free food and drinks).

  • Another thing the article said was, "You might be tempted to extend your Dry January to a Dry February"— but I don't see that happening at all, at least not at this point.

  • I wondered if being intoxicated actually makes (or enables) you (to) have more fun, or if it just makes you think you're having more fun. And, if it matters whether it's the former or the latter.

15 days down, 16 to go!
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