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Dry January (Day 13)

~Wednesday~  I met my friends, Joe and Todd, at Cup-A-Joe to book a trip that we're all taking together in April for Joe's birthday. All three of us are doing Dry January, which is why we met in a coffee shop, so we drank coffee.

After taking care of business, Todd twisted my arm (about one millimeter) to drop by Flex, where "Superstar Karaoke" is happening on Wednesday nights for the next couple of months.

It was dead in there when we arrived, so we left and walked over to The Borough, where I had a glass of water, and he had a Diet Coke. It was fairly crowded there for a Wednesday night, as it appears many people are trying to get in their last visit before the place closes down at the end of the month.

Since, we were parked at Flex, we stopped back in there for about 10 minutes before calling it a night.

Thoughts and observations tonight:

  • Todd has had a non-alcoholic beer, which is totally legit in my opinion. Not that my opinion matters.

  • If there were a non-alcoholic bourbon, I'd probably have one. Maybe there's an untapped market for non-alcoholic liquor.

  • Joe informed us that he's probably not going to do this the entire month.

  • Someone on our company listserv is selling this Fuel Belt, and for one second when I saw it, I thought, "That might come in handy on February 1."

13 days down, 18 to go!
Tags: dry january

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