DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Dry January (Day 8)

~Friday~  I met my friend Todd, who's also having a Dry January, at Flex for "Go-Go Dancers" night.

I went all-out crazy and ordered a full-calorie ginger ale, and Todd had a Diet Coke. I drank free water from the infamous red Igloo water cooler for the rest of the time we were there.

At around midnight, I guess, we headed over to The Borough, where there was one seat left (well a bench along the wall, technically), and we nabbed it. We went back and forth about getting an order of cheese fries, decided on just regular fries, and then changed it back to cheese fries as we were finishing the order.

I ordered a Shirley Temple and pretended it was a cocktail, just like I was a teenager again. There were two cherries at the bottom of it, which were hard to see. I was so excited about it, I even took a picture of it:

Thoughts and observations tonight:

  • Although it was a nice change, I can't be drinking full-calorie soda or Shirley Temples (which is essentially a full-calorie soda with sugary flavored syrup added to it) on any kind of regular basis whatsoever.

  • We learned tonight that at least two other people that were doing Dry January with us have already fallen off the wagon. Have you people no resolve?

  • Todd and I were critical of a lot of people at Flex tonight, which we attributed to scrutinizing the place more than we might have had we been drinking. A couple of examples included:

    • Two different couples, sitting at the same place in the bar (serially), sucked face and showed PDA to the point of being disgusting. Get a room.

    • People not being self-aware, or having any emotional intelligence, particularly with regards to invading personal space and not "getting" when "he just ain't into you.

  • At one point, we made the observation that it's exhausting to be sober in a bar.

8 days down, 23 to go!
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