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Poetic collaboration about a walk around a lake...

~Saturday~   I took a dozen pictures while walking around Lake Johnson yesterday, and then I asked Bob to co-author this blog entry with me by devising a haiku for each one of them. I thank him for his willingness to participate, and congratulate him on his foray into the blogosphere.

Bob's haiku are "out of context," since he wasn't with me on the walk. I had the advantage (or not) of actually being there.

Entrance sign to the park

Bob's haiku:
Walk around the lake
Just after body was found
Glad wasn't today

John's haiku:
Entrance to the park
No horses or guns allowed
You can walk or bike

Sign for the Lake Trail and Scenic Loop paths

Bob's haiku:
Desolate roadway
Where are the people today
Nice that it's all mine

John's haiku:
Took the Scenic Loop
It's not very long at all
Extra exercise

Picnic table by the lake

Bob's haiku:
Lunch is all over
Or has it yet to begin
It's un-bear-able

John's haiku:
Picnic table longs
For people, picnics, or ants
Or just to be stained

Man fishing on the lake shore

Bob's haiku:
A lone fisherman
Lost in thought or needing food
Either way alone

John's haiku:
That is a nice pole
He's fishing for compliments
And he just got one

Waterfall with a stick stuck in the middle of it

Bob's haiku:
Dam stick, it hangs on
Will it fall, it is certain
But when, should I wait?

John's haiku:
Need a gush to come
To push it over the edge
For my OCD

Park bench

Bob's haiku:
Welcoming park bench
Awaiting weary hikers
Guess they all stayed home

John's haiku:
Waiting for three butts
Or four if they are smaller
They will sit and tell

Plaque on bench saying: Donated by Mohinder and Sardar Singh on their 50th marriage anniversary January 14, 2012

Bob's haiku:
Married fifty years
Here's a plaque dear, on a bench
She wanted diamonds

John's haiku:
This is the Singh's bench
A dedicated couple
For so many years

Sign beside trail that says trail under construction

Bob's haiku:
Construction signage
Flimsy like an orange kite
Go fly it yourself

John's haiku:
It is ironic
"UNDER" is under the fold
And superfluous

Four orange cones around trail construction area

Bob's haiku:
Four wicked witches
Small cemetery, that's true
But road takes you there

John's haiku:
Orange cones to warn
Tree roots broke the asphalt path
Being repaired now

View of long bridge from one end

Bob's haiku:
Straight ahead, no turns
Follow path, no thoughts needed
Walkway to nowhere

John's haiku:
Not a bridge too far
In fact, it was very close
Right under my feet

Fishing lines, hooks, sinkers, and bait caught on wire near bridge

Bob's haiku:
Hanging spooge above
Is it moss, fungus, or worse?
I will walk around

John's haiku:
Talk about mis-cast
On the wire near the bridge
Hooks, lines, and sinkers

Four signs, two for Lake Trail, one for Restrooms, and one for Shelter

Bob's haiku:
Tells you where to go
Dorothy should have these signs
Cut her trip by half

John's haiku:
Do this or do that
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Just go with your flow
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