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Guest room day...

We got up at about 9:00, and Robert made French toast for us, and he tried out the egg poaching pan he bought me last week. DELICIOUS!

We took apart my old computer and the desk it was sitting on, and packed them into Robert's car. He's going to use my computer to practice on during his keyboarding class, which starts on Tuesday. It also has Word and Excel on it if he wants to practice using those. I spent some portion of yesterday getting all the porn off it. :-) I also created him a desktop of his own. He left at about noon, after attacking me on the couch -- in a good way. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I rearranged the guest bedroom, which was no small feat. That desk, with the nightmare of computer-related cords, wires, and attachments was a bitch to move. I got the bed, and the dresser and night stand that I bought from Jay, situated. I'm not thrilled with the whole thing (black and mahogany mixed), but it IS practical. And I'm all about practical. :-) At least it's all ready now for Lisa and little Michael's visit next weekend.

On the way to 5:30 mass, I checked in with Mom & Dad. All seems to be well there. They still haven't used their cell phone. Mom told me, "Oh yeah. Auntie Georgette died a few weeks ago." Classic.

I really enjoyed mass, excluding another naked-baby-screaming-chicken-vision baptism. I guess that's how they do it here. I don't like it. At least this baby didn't cry. I saw Gary, Chuck, and Tom there, started to go talk to them after mass, mostly to mention my "new news" business trip to L.A. that is going to preclude me attending the retreat, but decided to just wait until everything is finalized at work on Tuesday. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a business trip got scheduled and then canceled, and there's no sense in creating a ruckus about it until plans are definite. I am going to offer the $175 cost of the retreat up for a "scholarship" (if someone who can't afford it wants to attend), or, if there are no takers for that, as a donation.

After mass I stopped by Lowe's to return that short hose, but didn't buy the 50-foot one. It was one minute to closing when I arrived, and I wasn't in the mood to "shop" anyway. (Media alert!) :-)

Once home, I got a lot of work done on TCW stuff. I completed the volunteer list, and got that to Jay. I spoke with him on-line about the new volunteers Yahoo! group, and we exchanged some finalizing information on that.

I created the donor database, and populated it with about 5 entries. I sent a note to Patsy requesting our donor list, which she created a few months ago for a board meeting. Hopefully, I can fill out the database with that information when she gets it to me. I have got to do the TCW minutes this week, hopefully tomorrow night. I want them done before I leave for L.A.

I got to bed at a decent hour. Yippee!

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