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The #WhatIfSong meme as genre... OR deconstructing the #WhatIfSong meme...

~Sunday~  I have become completely obsessed with this meme that's going around the web, where you ask a "What if?" question about a song's title or lyrics. Here's an example of one:

What if Harper Valley had no PTA?

I've got it so bad that I am channeling Seth Rudetsky, who—if you've never seen him—rather brilliantly deconstructs songs, analyzing such things as rifts, phrasing, bravado, compare and contrasts, and other facets of musicality. This is one of my favorites if you're interested in seeing his schtick: Seth Rudetsky deconstructs Stoney End.

Being the word lover that I am, I've been intrigued by the different variations of the posts being made in this meme, so much so that I've decided to catalog variations of it. Here's what I've done so far. I'm still wrestling with whether these should be changed to the subjunctive mood.

Form: A “What if?” question that plays off the title or lyrics of a popular song.

Here are the variations I've devised, and five examples of each one:

The negative variation

The positive variation

The antonym variation

The Boolean-manipulation variation

The doesn’t-measure-up variation

The artist-as-narrator variation

Are you participating in this meme? Can you see what variation(s) any of yours fall into? Can you define a variation of your own and give some examples?
Tags: deconstruction, genre, meme, rhetoric

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