DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Snow, snow, go away...

Another snowed in day. I slept until almost 10. I put on some coffee, ate the last Bruegger's bagel (leftover from the Sunday TCW meeting), and logged into work.

I had very little mail. Excellent. I called in to the 11:00 TIGR meeting. Cassandra was on the call. I wish she, or someone, would clarify the difference in our roles.

There were a lot of TCW emails flying around throughout the day about the cancellation of the fourth Community Forum tonight.

Work-wise, I had several ST conversations at various points in the day: Liza, John, Mathis, Michelle, and Brian. Now that I think about it, I didn't notice if Courtney was on. I wonder how her trip to Dallas went, if/when she got back, and where she's working/staying this week.

At about 3:30, I went out to the parking lot, and de-snowed and de-iced my car. Inside my trunk I found one frozen cantaloupe that had obviously escaped from a grocery bag on Sunday. I tried getting up the hill with my car to no avail. Three times -- twice backwards and once forward. I ended up going down the hill instead, and made it, without incident, out to Kaplan.

At 7:10, I decided to check out what was playing at the Blue Ridge 14 or at Mission Valley. I decided to haul ass to the 7:10 showing of Big Fish. I walked out halfway through. Too much fantasy for me.

In the lobby, which was dark, I found a wad of crumpled bills on the floor -- undoubtedly from the pocket of some NCSU student's too-tight jeans. Two dollars. Subtract that from the student price (of $5 vs. $7) that I paid to get in, and that crappy movie only cost me $3.00. Oh yeah, and $3.75 for the tub of popcorn of which I only ate half. But who's counting.

Before exiting, I decided to slip into Cold Mountain, which was playing in the theater by the exit door. It was at the point when Ruby acknowledges to Aida that she's sorry that she had to sell her piano. I stayed long enough to get a glimpse of that beautiful Jude Law again, which came next in the scene at the river with the preacher when they find that huge saw.

Back at home, I parked out on Kaplan again, so getting out in the morning will be guaranteed. I cooked the 8 sausage patties, ate two on Hawaiian rolls, and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow -- two more sausage biscuits, and the rest I'll chop up and put in the spaghetti sauce.

On line, I chatted briefly with Steve, Jay, and Robert.

I spent about an hour in livejournal.com (and weblog.com) learning about communities, and joining a couple. The vastness of the Internet. One can get lost for hours upon hours upon hours. And one has.

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