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The Cosmic Man...

~Tuesday~  I was at Bob's to watch two episodes of Scandal, and when we finished, he asked, "Do you want to watch The Cosmic Man?"

I'm pretty sure he was kidding when he asked me, knowing full well that science fiction is not a favorite genre of mine. So, I think he was as surprised as I was to hear me answer, "Sure."

Here is a synopsis:

The latest UFO, a white globe levitating in a California canyon, is investigated by the Air Force, aided by physicist Karl Sorensen. Just big enough for one "man," the object seems impenetrable, but that night a half-invisible being visits the town, and a strange bundled-up man takes a room at Angela Green's mountain lodge, the investigators' headquarters. Sorensen thinks the Cosmic Man is benevolent, but to the colonel he represents either danger—or military advantage.

My thoughts about the film:

  • Surprisingly, it engaged me.

  • In general, though, I thought it dragged. I wanted to see "the alien" sooner, and more often.

  • I was amused by the classical "dame" used as a device to expose the human weakness of the classical dude.

  • Its themes, for the most part, were heavy-handed and "told" rather than "shown."

  • Although we stopped it—a little past halfway, I'd estimate—I was easily able to predict its end, and Bob, after watching the rest of it the next day, confirmed that I was correct.

  • This experience reminded me of being in a book club, which is a place where I read things I wouldn't normally read, and sometimes even like them.

Imagine my surprise when I went to get the trailer from YouTube, and found the entire movie there!

Have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think? If not, well, you can watch it right here, right now. :-)
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