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The 2014 10 by 10: 10 plays, 10 minutes each, 10 actors, 10 directors...

~Friday~ Tonight, Bob and I attended the annual 10 by 10 performance at The Arts Center in Carrboro.

This year we went with Sarah and Andrew, and Kim and her friend Ed. We ate at The Spotted Dog beforehand, where I had Fish & Chips.

As I have in the past, I created a ballot to rate the 10 plays—favorite to least favorite in the first half, favorite to least favorite in the second half, and the top five favorite over all.

Rank Play
5 What the Theatre is All About: A Master class with Vincent Van Buren
1 The Interpreter
4 Going Viral
2 Canyon
3 Ten Minute Life


Rank Play
1 This is Not a Play
3 The Wisdom of Pirates
4 Lost in Thought
2 Recess at Our Lady of the Bleeding Heart, Mind, and Spirit—Once Reformed
5 A Streaker Named Desire

Top 5

Rank Play
1 The Interpreter
2 Recess at Our Lady of the Bleeding Heart, Mind, and Spirit—Once Reformed
3 This is Not a Play
4 Canyon
5 The Wisdom of Pirates
Tags: friends, plays

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