DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

MMR & DPT shots...

I worked from home today. During my lunch hour, I ran down to state to their immunization clinic to get the necessary shots to keep me from being expelled from school. Since I couldn't find my measles, mumps, and rubella shot records, I had to get the first (in a series of 2) "MMR" shots. I have to go back after 30 days to get the 2nd one. IBM (or, rather, its vendor) couldn't find my record of having received a DPT shot in November of 2001, so I had to get that one again, too.

It wasn't bad, expense-wise, $22.00. I also found out while I was there, that I can get a number of over-the-counter products (e.g., Band-Aids, aspirin (and all of its variations), cough syrup, cough drops and suppressants, and even Carmex lip balm and condoms!) free at the pharmacy there. That's handy to know.

My Technology in Training class was most excellent. It turns out it's going to be just the 5 of us, so that's great. The 3 hours just flew by. I hope to create a website for all of the Quality/ISO/Statutory & Regulatory training that has to be managed at work.

After class, I got in touch with Andrew. He came to my place, and then we went to Irregardless for dinner. We had a great conversation, and a yummy meal. I only ate half of mine (New York Strip), and took the other half home for tomorrow some time. We said goodbye in the parking lot, and he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Though, in general, I don't care who knows that I'm gay, that's the first time I've kissed a guy on the lips out there like that. I did wonder if anyone observed it.

Robert came over at about 10:00. We were going to go to Flex, but he asked me how much I wanted to go, and I said I could take or leave it. We left it, and stayed in and read -- me, the textbook from my Mon-Wed class, and he, Cold Mountain.

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