DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Class & Dance...

Today was the EAGLE monthly luncheon, and we met at the outlet mall. Out of town guest, Andrew S., joined us. What a beautiful man. I didn't talk to him except to introduce myself, as he wasn't sitting next to me, and it was a table of eleven. I was sort of disengaged most of the time, as most of the talk was about work, and I'm there to socialize, not talk about work. Oh well.

In the afternoon, Andrew ST'ed me, and we made plans to have dinner tomorrow night, and to go to Trailer Trash @ Flex.

Courtney and I left work at about 6:00, and stopped at Pizza Hut to eat on the way home. Big mistake. I way overate, and was uncomfortable and disgusted with myself the rest of the night.

Robert arrived right before I left for class. I quickly tried to help Courtney get hooked up through work via my cable modem, but it was not to be. I left her with a dial-up connection.

Class was run almost entirely by the class tonight. We all talked about growing up being educated in either the craft, romantic, or rhetorical tradition as far as writing goes. A lot of varied experiences. There's one girl in that class that bugs the shit out of me.

Class ended at about 8:45 (scheduled until 8:50), and I bee-bopped down to Flex to dance. It was fun, but I was tired, and stuffed still, and berated myself (internally) all night about having ate so much. I could use a session with Dr. Phil on that.

When we got home, Courtney had left a note that she had a cab coming at 5:40 in the morning for a 6:30ish flight. She's going to Dallas to see her brother and sister-in-law in light of the loss of their baby. As it turns out, she delivered the baby this morning, and the cord was wrapped around its neck.

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