DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Midnight Snoopy's raid...

We had a sausage biscuit, two eggs over easy, milk, and coffee for breakfast. Yum.

Robert cleaned house, and did laundry for me, while I went to work. Most of the time at work, I spent reviewing Linda’s ITIM PPD. It was good work, I did a thorough review, and I felt great once it was done.

I got home at around 5:30, and Robert and I went to Quizno’s at Mission Valley for dinner. $4.00 of two sandwiches. You can’t beat that deal.

I got to Flex at about 7:10, and Joe hadn’t yet arrived. I was sitting alone, and Shannon, what a nice guy, introduced me to three of his friends. Well, I thought they were his friends. But as the conversations progressed, I came to realize that none of them had known each other an hour ago.

I eventually broke away, and got a drink. Joe arrived shortly after 7:30. We caught up, and laughed and laughed like we always do. Eventually a pool table came open, and we played a couple of games. During the second or third one, Steve and Brian arrived.

We played a couple of team games, with me and Joe against Steve and Brian. Steve had never played pool before, which was interesting, and Brian, for the most part, was patient. The first game we played was 9-Ball, at Brian’s request. None of us had ever played it before, and I liked it. Brian’s reason for choosing it, he said, “It’s a faster game.” Well that might be the case with people who know how to play pool.

After two games, these two straight couple came in, and put their name on the board to play next. We gave up the table to them when we finished the game we were on.

We listened to, that at time excruciating, karaoke, and watched all the guys ogle at Brian, as well as watched Brian lust after the two girls that were there, trying to figure out if the guys they were with were gay, or their boyfriends. He wanted some pootang, bad.

The four of us left there between 10 and 10:30, and did a Snoopy’s raid. Joe had never eaten there before, so that was fun. They each had the “combo special,” two hot dogs, fries, and a drink. I got one hot dog, and an order of fries.

Steve took me back to my car, since we had all ridden (around the corner) together. I drove home without incident.

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