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Michael and Terry's wedding...

~Friday~ Today, Bob and I had the honor and pleasure of attending the wedding of our very good friend Michael, and his partner of 23.5 years, Terry, as they got legally married in Washington, DC at the historic Dacor Bacon House.

The house was built in 1824-1825, and during the years 1831-1833, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall (and a former Secretary of State), Associate Justices Joseph Story, William Johnson, Gabriel Duvall, Smith Thompson, John McLean, Henry Baldwin, and several other members of the Supreme Court boarded there.

The Dacor Bacon House

And here I am pointing out that the historic home, usually open for tours, was reserved for an event today.

John pointing at sign

Unfortunately, most of my pictures are of quite poor quality, but I'm including them here anyway for my memories. My iPhone is on the blink for reasons other than the camera, and now I'm wondering if it's not also affecting the camera. That's certainly more palatable than blaming the poor quality of the pictures on me.

Shakespeare quote on cover of program

Celebrating the marriage of Michael and Terry

Michael, the Groom

Terry, the Other Groom
(Extra poor quality picture! Sorry, Terry!)

Love and thanks to all

Music and coffee in the garden schedule

Coffee and Juice in the Garden
Juice and coffee in the garden

Music in the Garden
Music in the garden

The Ceremony Gazebo
The ceremony gazebo awaits

The Champaign Toast Glasses
As do the campaign toast glasses

Ceremony schedule

It was a very moving, thus emotional, ceremony. When it was all said and done, there were very few dry eyes in the house. The officiant was amazing, and I thanked him for his work afterward.

I particularly liked a part of his officiating during which he acknowledged that most likely many of us present have been on a personal journey over the years with regards to the understanding and accepting of what we were here today to witness.

Terry and Michael Listening to the Officiant
Terry and Michael listening to the officiant

Terry and Michael Receiving Affirmation from Everyone Present
Terry and Michael receiving the affirmation of eveyone there

Terry's Sister, Chris, Doing the First Reading
Terry's sister, Chris, doing the first reading

Terry's Sister, Kathleen, Doing the Second Reading
Terry's sister, Kathleen, doing the second reading

Exchanging of the rings

The credits

In memorium

Special thanks

With Bob in the Garden
Bob and me in the garden

We had a most delicious lunch after the ceremony, and had interesting conversation with the folks we sat with. I was too busy eating to take any pictures.




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