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Farmers's Market Breakfast...

We had breakfast at the farmer's market. Yum. We walked around a bit afterward, and bought a couple of pieces of fudge.

From there, we went to the Factory Card Outlet, where Robert looked exhaustedly for a wedding card. He was a typical NP card shopper -- always keeping his options open until a better one came along. After finally finding the perfect thank you card (and snagging four of them), I showed them to Robert and in doing so realized they said on the front, "Thank you for the graduation gift," which was not at all what I wanted. I finally ended up just buying two cards... one about the value of laughter in friendship, and another one, which was blank.

From there we went to Lowe's and Target at Lynn Road. I returned the blinds color selection samples to Lowe's while Robert went into Target to look in the "Club Wedd" computer at the registry for a lady he works with's wedding next weekend. He did the NP thing on the cards again. He also did the NP thing deciding on a wedding gift. I AM SO NOT A SHOPPER. I zeroed in (the SJ thing) on two cards as soon as I got there. On the way out, we stopped in Lowe's again, where I bought a 25-foot garden hose, which turned out to be too short.

We then went home, and took a nap before the Work of HeaART auction, which started at 6:00. We got there about about 6:30. It was at the AJ Fletcher Opera Theater at the BTI this year, and has officially turned "foo-foo." I will not be returning next year. Most people were very dressed up, and there were a lot of foo-foo hors d'oeuvres. We only saw one piece of art during the silent auction that we both liked, but didn't bid on it, mostly because there was the drama of "signing up" to bid, and that, undoubtedly, got you on their mailing list.

We saw John and Jean there. It was nice, as always, to catch up with Jean, and great to see John, who I hadn't seen in ages. They were also (in addition to their own bidding) going to bid on an item for Gaye and Rick, who couldn't make it due to baby sitting issues, but had seen the art at the Friday evening preview party. I also saw Tom and Addison there, who had ridden with John and Jean there. I also saw David L. and Steve F., and Mark M., who was volunteering (signing up for bid cards). Robert ran into his friend, the lawyer.

We left well before the live auction started, which was slated for 8:00. We stopped at Third Place on the way home, and talked about going to a movie. After considering many, most of which started at 9:30, or 10, we decided to rent MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL on DVD instead. We stopped at BlockBusters at Cameron Village to get it, and then by the Harris Teeter to get bread for French toast tomorrow morning, and some munchies to enjoy during the movie.

We got the bed set up in the guest room, and after having to switch the 19" monitor with the 15" monitor (due to the brightness being off and not being able to adjust it), we watched the DVD on my computer. We both loved The Lady Chablis' part.

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