DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Did someone get a patent for the candy corn flavor or something?

If so, they're making a killing this year on patent royalties!

All of a sudden this year, the flavor is in another candy every time I turn around. Perhaps I just haven't noticed it in the past, but everyone I've talked to has said the same thing—that they've never noticed it before. In fact, most of the people I've told about it haven't even seen or noticed the trend this year yet.

I've tried two of those listed here in my blog entry, I've seen one of them in the store, and I've seen an advertisement for two of them.

So far, I've actually eaten:

Candy Corn Taffy
Cotton candy flavored taffy

Candy Corn M&Ms
Candy corn flavored M&Ms

I love white chocolate, so I love the M&Ms. They rival the sweetness—which is pretty damn sweet—of actual candy corn.

I saw some of this next one in the store, but I didn't buy any of it. (This evidently is a shot of it being sold at Disney. Personally, the one I saw, was in Kmart.)

Candy Corn Cotton Candy
Candy corn flavored cotton candy

And these are the two that I've only seen advertisements for, but haven't seen them in a store or therefore tasted, obviously:

Candy Corn Oreos
Candy corn flavored Oreos

Candy Corn Starbursts
Candy corn flavored Starburst

What candy corn flavors of anything have you tried or seen or head of? Has anyone seen any candy corn flavored condoms, by chance?
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