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Sending a birthday card to someone you don't know...

Recently, my friend Rob Shook, whom I know from my IBM years, posted this status update on Facebook:
One month from today is my mom's 80th birthday. She doesn't want a party, she doesn't (ever) check Facebook ... but you can help me with a great, memorable gift: Please send her a birthday card - in your local language - from wherever you may be ... US ... Japan ... Singapore ... wherever. She has a lot of people over to her house for various board meetings, etc. and I know these will be a conversation piece and something very, very special for her.

I will take a picture of the collection when I see her in October, and post it here with my thanks. Send it early, send it in a week or two - whatever. I'd like them to start coming in to her ASAP so she'll have a whole month of a full mailbox to look forward to.

[His mom's name and address inserted here.]

Thank you; this will make a huge impact on my mom. I'll post this a couple more times before her birthday in case anyone misses it. Let's give the postman a hernia

A few days later, I mailed this card to his mom:

Two hard-boiled eggs saying, 'Have an eggcellent birthday...'
Gist of inside note: Hope Rob got his love of puns from you; thanks for brining him into this world; have a happy birthday
Tags: birthday card, rob shook

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