DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Homeowner's Meeting

I had a very accomplished day at work today. Got my appraisal, and I'm satisfied with it. Found out IBM will not be paying for my grad school, which is disappointing, but not worth pushing further or arguing about. I can afford it, and it's a good investment in my personal life goals.

Our homeowner's meeting tonight was a zoo! One man wreaked havoc with 31 proxies. Whatever he said went, which angered all of the folks who didn't agree with him. Fortunately, I agreed with his position. Bottom line, we voted down a motion to assess each homeowner $777.77 to reopen (and totally refurbish) the pool and its surrounding structures.

I read 52 pages in my Dynamics in Document Design book, and outlined 3 ideas for my assignment, which I'll work on tomorrow.

Thinking a lot about Jeanie-baby during these days.

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