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The Great Gatsby redux...

~Monday~ Enough already with The Great Gatsby. Wait, just this one last post.

You may remember that on July 20th, I saw the new, 2013 version of the Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Then on August 13th, I posted about watching the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby, starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, while also noting at that time that there were none other than three more versions of that movie—a 2000 version, a 1949 version, and a 1926 silent movie version.

You may remember that I described the 1949 version of the movie as: Black and white version, starring Alan Ladd as Gatsby (1949) (OMG. Until the very end, I thought this trailer was mislabeled. Could a trailer for The Great Gatsby not evenmention Daisy? Is that possible?)

So, thanks to my friend Van who loaned us a copy of the movie, Bob and I watched it tonight, and I'm happy to report that Daisy was indeed in the movie, and it was indeed the story based on the book.

My thoughts and observations about this movie:

  • It was a sucky trailer, which actually just consisted of the first few minutes of the film.

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