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Attending the final "Moral Monday" protest of the NC General Assembly on July 29, 2013...

~Monday~  I attended the final Moral Monday rally, for which the focus issue for today was education, and which had—by far—the biggest crowd since the protests began.

Evidently the NCAE had sent out an "invitation" to the rally, and suggested "wear red for ed," which you can see by most of the pictures, was a suggestion that a lot of people heeded.

Crowd shot with a lot of red shirts

As usual, I enjoyed a lot of the signs today, most of which were centered on education issues, although there were still a good number of people holding signs with their own pet issue.

Speaking of pets—or more accurately, playing with the word pet—these two pictures made me smile:

Dog standing with a sign on him that says: Yellow Dog Democrat

Of course, I'm familiar with the term "Yellow Dog Democrat," but I didn't know its origins, which according to its Wikipedia entry, is:

A political term applied to voters in the Southern United States who voted solely for Democratic candidates, with the term commencing in the late 19th century. These voters would allegedly "vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for any Republican". The term is now more generally applied to refer to any Democrat who will vote a straight party ticket under any circumstances.

And the sign on his other side said:

Dog sitting with a sign on him that says: I left a better policy on the lawn of the Executive Mansion for you, Pat.

Most of the signs I took pictures of were—presumably—made and/or held by teachers, and it was obvious they were pissed:

Educate not EduCUT

An interesting note about the next sign is that at one point, the Rev. Dr. Barber made a comment about signs that have "cursing" on them, and how he'd really like to see us take them down, saying basically, that we don't need to be crude to get our points across.

I only saw one other sign that had a curse word on it, and it asked a question, under which it said, "Oh, HELL, no!" as a response to the question.

I can't believe I still have to protest this SHIT!

I'm a teacher, not a tester.

#3 in my class. Summa Cum Laude & 48th in pay!

Think education is expensive? Try ignorance.

I winced when I saw this sign, and I'm hoping it wasn't a teacher who made it. I posted it on Facebook with the comment, "Not a good day to have the wrong 'its' on your protest sign."

Who will invest in NC if NC does not invest in it's [sic] future?

I couldn't get a closer shot of this sign, but it was one of my favorites. It was made of cardboard and from what looked like a ripped up box. You can hover over the picture to see what it says if you can't read it.

Can't afford posterboard. (I'm a teacher.)

There was another sign along this theme that I really liked, but didn't get a picture of. It said something to the effect of, "I've been teaching for 15 years, and I've spent $14,000 on supplies for my students."

Here's one from someone who was still passionate about an issue focused on in a previous week:

Voter ID: A co$tly $solution to a problem we DON'T HAVE

The lady in the next picture was bound and determined to get up in this tree to get some photos. I was really surprised the cops didn't come to tell her to get down.

It wasn't a big tree, and there were people under the branch she was on, which if it would have broken off, would probably have been hurt.

We can only hope that her self-absorbed opportunism got her just the photos she wanted and was willing to risk the lives of other people for. Okay, I admit it. That's slight hyperbole.

Lady up in a tree taking photos

This next one was my favorite "cultural reference" sign:

This budget? [inserted pic of 'Grumpy Cat'] No.

And what's more American than the freedom to protest? Well, consumerism while protesting, evidently.

A t-shirt stand with sayings on the shirts, such as 'Our Bodies. Our Decision.' and 'Jailed for Justice!'

What was different about this final Moral Monday rally was that it didn't end with a bunch of people volunteering to get arrested "for the cause," but with a march from the Halifax Mall (adjacent to the Legislature Building) down to Fayetteville Street, where the speeches continued and the "next steps" of the "movement," were laid out.

My favorite part of the march was when we walked in front of the Legislature Building en route, and someone was in front of it with a megaphone leading the marchers, and there were thousands of them, in this chant:

Chanter: What does democracy look like?

Crowd: THIS is what democracy looks like!

Chanter: What does hypocrisy look like?

Crowd (all pointing to the Legislature Building): THAT is what hypocrisy looks like!

A shot of part of the crowd marching from the Halifax Mall down to Fayetteville Street
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