DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Happy Birthday to Me

I met Steve, Joe, and Jay at Rockford's for a birthday dinner. On the way, I stopped at Carmax to buy a car. I left Brent there to transfer a Silver 2002 Toyota with 12,000 miles on it from Laural Toyota in Laurel Maryland.

We had a very fun dinner, with a real cute waiter, though I'm pretty sure he was straight. He took 3 pieces of my birthday cake to the back when we were done with it. Steve gave me a nice, soft blanket. Jay gave me a copy of the Lilies Soundtrack, which is Chant, which I love. Joe gave me a framed picture of us together on "the ride." It's the picture I've been bugging the shit out of him to give me over the last few months. Funny. It's such a good picture of us. I love it.

Once home, I edited some work of Steve's. Happy 46th.

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