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If I were half the men Google Alerts thinks I am...

~Monday~ As I would recommend you do if you don't already, I have a Google Alert set up on my name—both on John Martin and nematome—and once a week I get an email report from Google telling me how and where I'm being talked about on the web.

According to this week's report, at any one time you might have seen me—or someone with my shared moniker—doing or involved in these things:

  • You might have read any of several of my stories published in my "Straight Sets" Tennis Blog in The New York Times this week:

  • You may have learned, in the Chicago Sun-Times, that I was headed to Dartmouth after graduating this weekend, finishing my 6-foot-6 "brains behind the brawn" career playing in the state boys volleyball tournament on Friday, checking in with three "kills." Here I am, presumably, mid-kill:

    John Martin in the air, in front of a volleyball net, poised to 'kill'>

  • Or perhaps you caught my two stories on Fox 21 News out of Colorado Springs:

  • Fortunately this was a "false positive" one—really about one Timothy John Martin, who was arrested for a Middletown, Delaware home invasion incident and charged with first-degree robbery, assault, theft and other offenses. Obviously, it's not me with that unkempt beard:

    Timothy John Martin mug shot

  • Meanwhile I was also starring in a video with my buddies Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash!

    Shot on location and in studio in Iceland, and in Guatemala on a two weeks journey that allowed us 9 days of shoot with an extraordinarily dedicated and passionate team. Shot on Alexa and few b-rolls were shot on the Canon 5D MarkIII.

  • Busy, busy, busy! Here I am being doubted as Still Fastest after setting the pole position (presumably no lap dance ensued after this) time in last year's LeMans P2.

  • Or finally, literally, you may have received news of my passing out of Milpitas, California:

    John Martin (1937 - 2013)

    John Martin
    Jan. 22, 1937 - May 20, 2013
    Resident of Milpitas

    John Martin, 76 of Milpitas died on May 20th. 2013. John was born on Jan. 22, 1937 in Kansas to Leroy Martin and Ruth Parcell. John is survived by his sons Dan and Steve Martin.

So what does Google Alerts think you've been up to?
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