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Professional affirmations in my annual appraisal...

~Friday~  I received my annual appraisal today, which didn't contain any surprises, which means the process is working. Any surprises should have come in my interim appraisal back in December, in order to give me time to address any problem areas.

I provide a "Weekly Highlight Report" to my boss in which I list the major activities and tasks that I've done for that week, and I go ahead and categorize them under one of the key responsibilities that are listed in my work plan (first column in the table below). This makes it fairly easy for her to write up my interims and appraisals each year, and it always makes me smile to see exact quotes included in the appraisal that came from my weekly reports.

I have highlighted, in yellow, the feedback that means the most to me.

Key ResponsibilitiesResults
Technical communications/content creation servicesDuring this fiscal year, John has expanded this key responsibility to include more communication planning processes. John has done an excellent job in helping to develop an INS communication plan, creating key messages for a possible phishing campaign, documenting workflows for our Twitter presence, updating media resources, planning campaigns and continuing the At-A-Glance process. He spearheaded the Earth Day Media Toss event, which was very well received by visitors, especially students. It was also recognized in a photo gallery in the Bulletin. Other notable work included creating Web pages for the University IT Strategic Planning process, reviewing analytics to assist with the redesign of the OIT website, providing various documentation for the Google Service Team, providing articles and maintaining metrics for OIT News, and producing content for the Annual Report.
Provide information and news services for assigned OIT "beats"There are numerous tasks and communiques that John has worked on the is fiscal year to improve internal and external communications. From initial planning of the Enterprise Document Management Communications to the Identity Management campus presentation and website to the T.O.A.S.T. Awards and Awards for Excellence, John responds to his assigned units with a customer -first attitude. He continues to support his assigned units' (TSS, EAS, SS, OCC and the Google Service Team) projects by advertising their services on our Twitter feed. He has also agreed to participate on the UN CAUSE 2013 Steering Committee, offering his editorial, writing and social media services.
Information services and support, with focus on new and emerging communication-related technologiesJohn continues to work really hard to maintain a credible and engaging Twitter presence for OIT News. He often creates "hooks" to engage the campus community and to encourage them to participate in central IT's programs and services and to read about what's news in the IT industry. He continues to serve on the Social Media Policy Committee and has provided feedback on the latest versions of two new NC State University-level social media documents: the Social Media Guidelines and the Social Media Policy Regulation. He received many kudos and much appreciation for his popular workshop, "Tweeting for the University," which he also presented to three campus groups. He represented OIT well with his presentation!
Website content management and information architectureIn a team approach, John continues to update the OIT website, providing timely information in the new slider area, Latest News and the Event Calendar. He was also instrumental in the new design of the OIT website, selecting categories/images for its information and new sites and providing analytics to determine how visitors are using the site. He continues to provide content type and navigational pages (including Identity Management project) as well as editorial assistance for various projects.
Promote positive and collaborative work culture with campus constituencies and within OITFrom providing T.O.A.S.T. Awards to best wishes, John continues to encourage and bring his ray of sunshine to OIT staff and others. And they, in turn, have responded. He received a T.O.A.S.T Award from Vanessa Smith "in Recognition of leading OIT's Twitter efforts with grace, clarity, and efficiency." He received good feedback from Gwen Hazlehurst on the Postini Quarantine Reporting communique that Sarah and he worked on: "I just wanted to say it was extremely well written! It was concise but informative and was written in 'plain English.' Nicely done!" From Kristina Kelly on the Media Toss event: "How fun! What a great way to spend the day and to teach folks about recycling. You *are* an awesome teacher :)."
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