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Great day at work today finishing up the Planning Guide's final touches and getting them to the Web site for tomorrow's GA date.

Got home with just enough time to grab a quick dinner before David L. arrived to drive to book club. We took 64E to Pittsboro, which I had never done, so enjoyed some "new Raleigh scenery." Tom's house is WAY out in the woods. We were a little perplexed by the mailbox numbers: 1450 then 1280 then 1460. ;-)

The meeting was well-attended: Kevin (his book), John S. Jay, David (Quail Ridge), Me, Gregor, David L., Mark (sexy), Russell (nice legs), Tom, and Wes. We had some great discussion about being out, about relationships, about age issues with regards to men in relationships, and about high school experiences. Jay brought great refreshments -- including Ginger SNAPS, which I noticed were part of the HOW I LEARNED TO SNAP theme! :-)

We decided on our next book, which is UNCLE MAME: THE LIFE OF PATRICK DENNIS. It's John S.'s book, and he asked us to also rent both versions of the movie, and view them before the meeting. I asked Jay if I can watch them with him since I don't have a VCR.

We moved our next meeting to January (from December). We need to get (a) volunteer(s) for hosting and refreshments.

We had some great discussion AFTER the book discussion, too. I got caught up on Wes' love life -- the Wes, John, John's friend love triangle. At one point during our "after hours" discussion, two groups had formed -- one group was talking about porn (seems like everyone has seen BIG GUNS), while the other group was talking about religion. :-)

Mark announced that he's taking a hiatus from the group. Everyone was disappointed.

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