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Tire King and not a good Jay day...

I dropped my car off at Tire King this morning to have the tires rotated (finally!), and asked them to aim my headlights as well. I read the obituaries in the N&O while I waited for the van to leave. I haven't read the printed obits in so long. They don't put the pictures in the online version. Two very young folks today, one a 16-year old.

Three of us took the van, which after we got started, made some noise while riding. The various customer comments were, "Can't you guys fix this thing?" "The shoemaker's kids have no shoes." "This doesn't exactly instill 'customer confidence' about what's going on with our cars back at the shop."

I was the last one to be dropped off, which was fine. I believe the driver is the same one who dropped me off in April when I bought these tires. He's a retired IBMer, if I remember correctly. Very pleasant guy.

Work was hectic today, frantically working toward the meeting with Marilyn on Thursday. I feel like we have a great story to show and tell, but I'm apprehensive about whether she'll appreciate the amount of work that's been done. We've done a lot of proactive work, which I hope will count for something.

After lunch, I asked Jay, via ST, whether he could run me over to Tire King some time today. He responded that he was having "a very busy day," and "might be able to do it around 5." That response pissed me off enough to send him e-mail a little later about it.

Later he pinged me on ST, and proceeded to defend his response, and to give me feedback about my behavior last Thursday night at bookclub. Oh well. So much for giving him feedback. I won't be doing that again. I made arrangements with Sharon to take me by Tire King on her way out this afternoon.

I stopped by Lowe's off Lynn Road on the way home to see if they had any deck furniture. I found some, way back in the corner behind all the Christmas stuff. They were mostly wrought iron type sets, small, and not on sale -- around $265.00. I didn't like them enough to get one.



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