DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Deck furniture on our minds...

On the way home from work (late) I stopped at K-Mart to check on deck furniture, and covers for my deck chairs.

They had to close-out tables and chair sets, one regularly $499 for $299 (a Martha Steward set), and one regularly $399 for $174. When I asked if there were others in the back or if the floor samples were the only thing left, they checked in the back for me.

Turns out for the Martha set, they only had the table. For the other set, they only had the chairs. Oh well.

I bought baggies and a generic birthday card.

At home I called Adrienne to wish her a happy birthday, and left a message on her cell phone. There was no answer, not even an answering machine, at home.

Caller ID indicated mom and dad calling 7 times. A message on my machine said, "We'll just keep on calling till we get you." Not the kind of message I like.

Turns out they want to buy me deck furniture as a thank-you for their anniversary gift! How coincidental. Mom mentioned checking out Lowe's. I'll try and stop by there tomorrow, as well as Home Depot, to see if they have any left for the season.


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