DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Comminuty Center interest-raising & dancing!

Robert and I headed out to the NC Museum of Art to help set up for the Community Center interest-raising event. Robert was already there, of course, and we started off by helping put together the rainbow-colored streamers.

Robert and his partner had cut up red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet table cloths into strips, and we tied them together, and then tied a piece of string around them. Robert and Robert hung them up around the place... on trees, poles, and anywhere else they'd stay.

After a while, Paul, one of our volunteers, showed up and he helped me twist the streamers together. Jan came after a while. Chris never showed up the whole day, which was really surprising. He was supposed to bring some TCW materials.

Robert did so much work, and the program was really great. Unfortunately, only about 20 or 30 people showed up, many of whom were the performers. Just very dis-heartening.

However, those of us who were there had an absolute blast. The weather was phenomenal, and the entertainment was varied, and good! Two women from the Women's Common Chorus sang, one of whom was "Sandy," who is Diane's ex, whom I have also seen in two of Gregor's plays.

After they performed, and guy named Bill, did a magic and comedy act, which was both fascinating and hysterical. I enjoyed laughing at all his jokes, and especially enjoyed watching Robert (my Robert) out of the corner of my eye, appreciating every joke that I did. The magic tricks were very well done.

Next up was Carol, who read her poetry, which was absolutely amazing just as was her performance the first time I saw her at the LRC recognition dinner. She's just a very powerful person.

The entertainment ended with me, Robert, Carl, and Ross doing 3 line dances -- Tush Push, Hanky Panky, and MLD. After that, we brought the crowd up, and I must say I encouraged a good number of them up to the stage, and we taught them Boot Scoot Boogie. Everyone did so well, and we saw lots of smiles, both on stage, and on the faces of those few in the audience who did not come up to learn. It was a real fun time.

Ross and Carl kept on dancing, as long as the DJ was there. :-) I'm so glad they came, and they had a great time. We helped tear down the streamers, and helped Robert clean up a little. I took the collected canned goods, and will take them to Durham to a food pantry, which Robert will direct me to via e-mail.

Once home, Robert said his good-byes. I debated about asking him to stay the night, but in the end didn't. After he left, I rode out to Third Place, ended up getting a Stromboli from Lily's and coming right back home, as it was huge, and I didn't want to eat it at Third Place. I ate half, and wrapped up the other two pieces for lunch this week.

Steve and I started an AIM conversation, which turned to the phone. He caught me up on Brian, and I was pleased to find out things haven't ended with the guy he has started seeing.

I had a quick AIM conversation with Robert. I miss him. I wish, now, that I had asked him to spend the night.

I was going to put the empty (large pizza) box out in the trash, but peeped out the window to see if that big old spider was still there, and found it spread eagle with all 8 legs, and perched! No way I was going out there. S/he's got to be moved in the morning.

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