DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

SeaWorld and poolworld...

We had a leisurely morning, with breakfast in the hotel lobby. Me, mom, dad, and Vivian decided on the buffet. Aunt Viv and Nib had already eaten, and the others weren't around. After we were seated, Aunt Laura, and then eventually, Uncle Dennis and Aunt Terri ended up joining us.

When breakfast was finished, we still hadn't seen the Lachapelle's, but decided we all were going to go to SeaWorld for the day. After a lot of drama trying to decide how we'd meet up for lunch there, we went back up to our rooms to get ready to go. Little did we know, we had agreed to meet "at the food court at one," but there is no "food court" at SeaWorld.

I, again, checked messages from the Lachapelle, had none, so called them again leaving another message telling them our updated plans. On our way out, I ran down to their rooms, and they had just gotten my messages. They told me that they were going to go to Disney today, since Uncle Roland has never been there.

"No problem," I said. "Enjoy your day, and we'll all meet up around the pool this evening when we get back."

We had a great day at SeaWorld. We rented electric riding carts for mom and dad, and they zipped themselves around all day. We spent most of the morning alone, and then tried to hook up with the Martins/Flores for lunch, which ended up not working out due to timing. Thank goodness for the invention and convenience of cell phones, which Uncle Dennis had with him. We were able to "hook up electronically" in light of the missing food court.

Mom, dad, me, and Vivian had lunch, which mom and dad insisted on treating us to. Mom gave us a $50 for lunch, and the bill came out to $49 and some change! We each had pizza slices, and dad had two hot dogs. Three beers, and a soda, and voila -- $50.

Eventually we all ended up at the 3:30 "Shamu" show. Viv, Nib, Dennis, Terri, and Laura all sat in one section of the stadium. Me, Viv, Mom and Dad sat on the other side way in the back, out of the "splash zones." The show was absolutely phenominal, and tons of folks got soaked! At one point, after the third warning that that section might get wet, we sat Aunt Terri disappear.

Right before leaving, Vivian and I rode the water roller coaster ride, which was great fun. We both thought it was over after the big drop down into the water. Much to our surprise, though, after we went back into the dark area, there was another big dip with twists and turns. It was quite fun. Mom and dad seemed to have fun watching us, and they took a picture of us mid-ride.

We stopped at the liquor store, and then for a quick run into the grocery store for munchies and beer. Vivian checked in with Jeff on the hurricane situation back in NC.

Back at the hotel, we all met down at the pool. Some of us got in the pool, and Viv and I explored the area under the waterfalls, which was quite powerful on our heads, and then went over to the water slide.

The water slide was fun, and the attendant up at the top said, "no waving," to me as I waved my hand up in the air going down. That cracked us up. He then told us that we had to lie all the way down in order for it to work best, which we did, and it did. Aunt Terri and Aunt Rita came around to take pictures of us coming down that slide.

We spent much of the night around the pool, munching, drinking, and chatting. At about 8:30, we decided to eat in the little restaurant in the main lobby, right by where we were in the pool, instead of going anywhere, since we all had been drinking, and it was starting to get late. We got sandwhiches to go with our munchies, and continued to drink.

We called it a night around 10:00, all agreeing that we would have a very (if any) light breakfast, and meet in the lobby of Tower 1 at 11:00 to go to lunch at Bill Wong's, which Viv and Nibby recommended. I was totally game, and thrilled, to have someone else "organizing" something.

As last night, once again, I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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