DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Home with Pride...

We got an early start today. Mom and dad were supposed to stop by our room at 7:15, and at 6:50, knocked on the door. I was still packing. They said they'd meet us down in the lobby.

When we got down there, Aunt Rita was with them, and came walking over, camera in hand. It turns out she had messed up the previous roll of film in her camera, and was now frantically trying to make up for it.

Aunt Viv also came down, and we said all of our good-byes after getting the trunk packed. I stopped in the lobby to check out, and the balance on both rooms was zero.

We stopped for gas on the way to the airport, and then arrived at the Thrifty place in plenty of time. I checked the car back in, and we all boarded the shuttle to the Delta terminal.

We checked in without incident, put mom and dad in wheel chairs, and wheeled them to one of the food areas, where me, Viv, and mom had a bagel with cream cheese, and dad had a blueberry muffin, with coffee all around.

Our flight left on time, and we had lunch in Atlanta during our layover. It went quickly as it was only an hour and a half layover, and we had to change concourses and eat.

Back in Raleigh, we got our bags, and put mom and dad in their chairs by the door. Vivian said her good-byes here. Viv and I rode to the parking lot, where she got her car and headed out to Winston Salem for the ECU game. I drove back to the terminal, picked up mom and dad, and drove us home to my place.

They used the bathroom real quick, and were ready to get on the rode. We had emotional good-byes in the parking lot, complete with an in-person, "I love you," from both of them. Warm fuzzies all around.

I took a nap, got up and got ready for dancing, and headed out to Flex. There was a good crowd there, as today is "Pride," and we danced our hearts out until 10:30. It was great to see Robert again. Right on the dot, at 10:30, the music switched over to house music. We left shortly after that, as it had been a long, long day for me.

I must say, along with my bike ride, this celebration is one of my most proudest achievements. It's been quite a year.

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