DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Mike loses 92 pounds!

I met Mike W. for lunch today and found him 92 pounds lighter. He's starting to look sexy again, like he used to. We were going to eat at Manchester's, but found it closed when we arrived, so we ate at the Arby's next to it.

Robert came over early for dancing, and we went over his finances for this semester after his finding out that he was going to get less money from his scholarship than he thought. It's not as drastic a situation as he'd thought, so that's good.

Robert was at Flex when we arrived. I gave him the $230 for the DJ for Sunday's TCW event. He stayed a little while and watched us dance. Chris showed up later, but I didn't talk to him much all night, which I felt a little bad about.

As usual, dancing was fun, fun, fun!

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