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A guilty pleasure...

~Sunday~ For serious Barbra Streisand fans—myself included—we've been anticipating the release of her latest movie, The Guilt Trip, for quite a while now.

It was released on December 19, 2012, and I saw it today. I was (pleasantly) surprised at how much I liked it. Which was a lot.

An inventor (Rogen) invites his mother (Streisand) on a cross-country trip as he tries to sell his new product while also reuniting her with a lost love.

In addition to eliciting several laughs on the verge of guffaws from me, this film brought tears to my eyes in several places—and in my humble opinion—without being schmaltzy.

Themes explored in this movie:

  • Mother-son relationships

  • Being "right" vs. being loving

  • Self-imposed expectations of "success"

  • Projecting our own "stories" onto other people's motivations and actions

  • What we're "supposed" to do vs. what we "want" to do

  • How much of salesmanship is showmanship

  • Saving a buck

  • Assumed talents of pole-dancers

My observations during this movie:

  • I should look so good when I'm 70.

  • Assuming this list of films that Seth Rogen has been in is complete, I've never seen him in a film.

  • Assuming this list of television shows that Seth Rogen has been in is complete, I've never seen him in a TV show.

  • He looked like he had a wad of chew in his mouth throughout this movie.

  • I found him likable, if not adorable. Or to put it more crassly, I'd rather be his friend than do him.

  • From the perspective of a Hollywood producer, I think that one little fact in this story—which I'm not going to divulge in the interest of avoiding spoilers—is what made the difference between this just being a cute story vs. one compelling enough about which to make a film.

  • I'm thrilled that I not only loved this movie, but that I got to see it for free, thanks to a coupon from my friend Bob. I, like Joyce Joyceston, am a coupon whore.
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