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Christmas 2012 with the Martins and Covingtons...

~Monday, Christmas Eve~ We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve this year, once again at the home of my sister and her husband, and once again the decorations, the food, and the company were superb!

In a change from the traditional turkey and ham holiday meal, not unlike our Thanksgiving meal, Vivian and Jeff made the most excellent substitution of filet mignon, twice-baked potatoes, a salad, rolls, and a killer blueberry-pineapple cobbler dessert. They also sent us home with some turkey and one or two sides from Honeybaked Ham so we wouldn't have to cook on Christmas Day either!

Here's a photo essay of the gathering, whose decoration theme this year was:

Pinecones & Presents
Kitchen corner table with candles surrounded by greenery and pinecones and small presents in front of it

Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree

Their fireplace with stockings hung with care

Close-up of the mantel

TV Top
TV top with more decorative pinecones

Door Decoration
Decorated Christmas tree door decoration

Dining Room
Dining room table

Kitchen table

Dinner is served!
(The Vegetable Salad was long gone by then,
and the Blueberry-Pineapple Cobbler was yet a twinkle in our eye.)
Filet mignon, shrimp, twice-baked potato and rolls

Dad in a lounge chair

(Sorry about the eyes-closed shot!)
Mom in a hardback chair

Jeff on the couch

Vivian in the kitchen

Happy Holidays!
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