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My charitable work for the holidays...

~Thursday~  Each year the organization I work in, the Office of Information Technology at NC State University, sponsors two or three organizations as part of its Holiday Giving Project.

As I did back in 2009, I put forth Love Wins Ministries as one of those organizations for this year's project, and it was accepted. Over the course of December, my colleagues have been making donations to this project, and this morning, my boss and I brought the fruits of that labor of love down to the Love Wins house in downtown Raleigh.

Slideshow of the items enumerated below

Cash & Gift Cards                                                  Clothes
$100 cash1Jeans1
$35 cash1Winter jackets2
$100 RiteAid1Sportswear jackets2
$25 McDonald's1Sweatshirts2
$25 Subway1Pairs of white socks36
$25 Food Lion1Pairs of men's dress socks2
$5 McDonald's5Pairs of women's fashion socks8
FoodPairs of men's underwear6
Roasted peanuts (bag)1Pairs of gloves5
Mac & cheese (can)1Pair of mittens1
Peanut butter (jar)1Stocking hats / beanies4
Grape jelly (jar)1
Folgers coffee (1-lb bag)1Toiletries
Starkist tuna (packs)2Deodorant23
Campbell's soup (can)1Sanitary napkins (16-count)1
Tampons (8-count)1
Toys & GamesDisposable razors147
Child's bicycle1Hand soap1
Toy trucks5Hand sanitizer1
Barbie doll1Bath & shower lotion1
Fashion doll1Soap bars travel size29
Wildfire Dominos1Soap bars regular size19
Lotion travel size11
Hospitality & CleaningLotion medium size7
Plastic spoons (500-count)1Lotion large size4
Surface wipes (40-count)1Shampoo travel size54
Antibacterial wipes (80-count)1Shampoo large size1
X-large trash bags (90-count)1Conditioner travel size7
Liquid laundry detergent1Conditioner large size1
Mouthwash travel size2
Street SurvivalMouthwash large size1
Blankets4Toothpaste travel size (tubes)49
Hand warmers (packs)8Toothpaste regular size (tubes)11
Rain ponchos3Toothbrushes26
Backpacks2Toothbrushes with travel caps4
Toothbrushes with travel cases6
Brush/comb/mirror sets2
Brush/comb set1
Hair brushes3
Lip balm8
Tissue packs travel size16

Love Wins needs help and support all year round. If you're so inclined to help, check out these various ways to do it:
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