DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

My Reddit Holiday Greeting Card Exchange card arrives...

~Monday~ You may remember my Thursday, December 6, posting about joining Reddit's Holiday Greeting Card Exchange. If not I'll give you a moment to go read it. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Well, today I received the card from the person who sent one to me, who is not the same person to whom I sent one. The Redditor who sent mine was from Agusta, KS, and here's what she sent:

Outside: A Christmas Wish

Inside: Hope your holidays are filled with all your favorite things - Handwritten: Wishing you happy holidays - Signed: queenofswanland

I still haven't been notified that the person I sent a card to has received it yet. She was in Washington state, so I'm guessing she'll probably get it tomorrow. I did manage to find a picture of her, though:

Attractive brunette standing in her doorway with a shopping bag in one hand and a little purse in the other

And again, for posterity, this is the card I sent her:

A card handmade in Kenya of a tree made out of wire with a bunch of birds in the branches

I will make another blog update when/if she posts that she received it.
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