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Seventy Scenes of Halloween, a play at Manbites Dog Theater

~Friday~  As I watched Manbites Dog Theater's current show—Seventy Scenes of Halloween, which is being remounted 25 years after its first run as the theater's first show in 1987—I was thinking, "This is the kind of theater that Manbites has built its reputation on."

I tried to imagine just "coming across" this theater company and this play, in the empty shoe store in downtown Durham's Five Points area, which became the theater back then. It would be the kind of experience that you "fall into" and then think, "My goodness. Something amazing is going on here." And then want to tell everyone you know about your "find."

The 1987 Staging of 70 Scenes
A big bowl of candy corn

You can read a little more about the history of the theater, and the two fine gentleman Jeff and Ed—who are partners in life as well in Manbites Dog Theater—in this recent article in the Indy Weekly: Manbites Dog celebrates 25 years with a return to where it started.

Though I am certainly old enough to have had, I did not see that first Manbites show, but I enjoyed it immensely in its current reincarnation running at the theater that's now in a building they own on Foster Street (at the intersection of Geer, next to the old Durham Athletic Park). They've come a long way, baby.

I laughed and laughed and laughed during this show, which does indeed go through 70 (very short, obviously) scenes—which incidentally can be, according to the playwright, played in any sequence the director chooses—most of which I found quite funny, but some of which were just odd or disturbing.

If you're looking for a "date night" to impress, then this is your answer. It runs through Saturday, December 15, and the very next day is Manbites Dog Theater's 25th Birthday Party Open House, to which you're invited! Come toast this theater for its 25 years of providing premium theater in our community.

For more information about the show, or to reserve or purchase a seat, visit the virtual box office, or call the theater at (919) 682-3343.

And you don't have to see the show in order to attend the birthday party, which will feature some great live entertainment, free food, and free drinks. Get more details at Manbites Dog Theater's 25th Birthday Party Open House.

Full disclosure: The fact that I'm on the board of directors of Manbites Dog Theater in no way influenced how much I liked this play. It's plays like this that are the reason I'm on the board of directors.
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