DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

David's Surprise Birthday Party...

Robert came over after class, and I got a bug to clean up the backyard. We sorted through two trashcans that had been full of "crap" for probably several years. They had filled up with water and mud, and things inside them had disintegrated. It was putrid. We salvaged several bottles to recycle, and made a run to the dumpster on Gorman street to get rid of a lot of the rest. Raunchy stuff!

After showering, we left for David Tremblay's surprise birthday party. We stopped at Blockbuster on the way, and I bought him a $20 gift certificate as a present. Unfortunately I forgot to put the gift card inside the birthday card before I sealed the envelope.

The party was pretty low-key. Some of the bikers were there, and Christina and Steve were there with their new baby. When David opened the envelope and took the card out, before he opened the card, I snatched it from him and coughed while I slid the card into the card. He seemed happy with the gift.

"The architect" kept saying, "I know you from somewhere," and we eventually figured out that it was from line-dancing at Oasis. Robert handled the question, "And what do you do professionally?" well.

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