DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Clean bill of health, Will turns 30...

I had my physical this morning at 7:45. I bitched about my weigh to Dr. Jacokes, and we discussed the Atkins diet, and the two "modified Atkins" diets, the South Beach and the Hilton Head. He's not against the Atkins, but strongly advises against "eating all the fat you can eat."

I did "the cough." I had the "this is going to be a little wet and cold." I had my arm stuck by Brunehilda. I paid a $14 co-pay, scheduled a stress test for later in the month, and scheduled a follow-up for March.

I went through the McDonald's drive-thru on the way back to work since I'd been fasting for 12 hours. I got a Sausage McMuffin with Egg. I thought three-eighty something was high for that sandwich, but didn't realize until I opened the bag at my desk that there were two of them in the bag, and I was charged for two.

After all that diet anger and discussion, I proceeded to eat both of them. That's RIDICULOUS. What? About 110 grams of fat total??? I disgust myself with eating sometimes.

We started Will's "roving" 30th birthday party at Rockford's. Some of us, including Sam (Chris' girlfriend) and Joe arrived well before Will did.

Once he arrived we had a good time there. Will's boss was there, who was totally hot, but totally a loud, "look at me" straight dude.
I gave Will his card, which said "Won't" on it, and a bottle of Special Edition Crown Royal. (I later found out looking at my receipt that that bottle was about $15 more than I thought it was. I really need to start paying more attention when I purchase things.) Oh well! It WON'T go to waste with WILL.

Joe and I left Rockford and stopped for a cup of coffee at The Espresso Company. Unfortunately, Jay wasn't there. He had "stepped out," and didn't return before we left. Jay used the bathroom in there, and said it was "tragic." Two of the walls of the bathroom, evidently, are curtains!

We met the rest of the party at Bogarts, which in my opinion is a totally over-priced establishment. Steve had joined the group by this time, and ordered a salad and a drink, which ended up costing him $14.00. $10 for the salad, and $2 for each drink he had. He asked for a refill of coke, and got it, for an additional 2 bucks. That's ridiculous. My first and last time there.

Joe and I drove Will home after we stopped back by Rockford's to close out the tab he'd left open, and to retrieve his credit card. We got to see Will's apartment, and we laughed and laughed and laughed as Will recounted P-Town 2002. How hysterical.

Will and I had a long kiss, at the end of which I started laughing. I just thought it was funny, he and I kissing like that -- like sisters. I think his feelings were a little hurt that I was laughing.

Joe and I left there and went to Flex for Trailer Park Trash night. Actually, we went just to hang out until the show started. We met Ross there, and I, without thinking, introduced them -- forgetting that they knew each other in Erie, and had "history." Oh well, at least they won't walk around ignoring each other any more when they run into each other in the bars.

That "Trixie" or "Valerie Rockwell," who neither of us can stand, came on just after Miss Shitty Mess started the show off, and Joe and I left shortly after that.

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