DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Hope Springs—eternal they say, and I've also heard it said that it floats...

Hope Springs movie poster showing Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones

This evening, I saw the movie Hope Springs at the $2 movie theater near my home. As I noted in a Facebook check-in at the theater, this made me laugh while buying my ticket:

Guy in box office line in front of me seeing the same $2 movie that I am: 'One for that movie about old people falling in love.'

I love Meryl Streep in anything she does, and this movie was no exception. I've never been a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones, although he was good in this movie.

I don't know much about Steve Carell, as I absolutely can't stand The Office, solely due to its "single-camera setup in a cinéma vérité filming style." In. Out. In Out. In Out. And not in a good way. I thought he did a good job as a therapist in this movie.

This film had its funny moments, and overall, I found it entertaining. For a slight minute toward the end I was still hopeful that it wouldn't have a Hollywood ending, but let's just say that hope was sprung...

Rating: 1 Thumb Up, and glad I saw it for $2 instead of $8.
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