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Dad's stress test, and the Guild meeting...

I got to the Holiday Inn at about 5:15. Robert was walking in, and then as I parked, Steve F. was next to me.

We set up the TCW table, and milled about from 5:30 until 7. I chatted with Steve F., Robert, Chris, Wayne, Jon B., Jim S., Chris M., and some of the other vendors. I had a bourbon and diet, and bought Wayne and Beth B. a drink. I left a 7:00, yammering, and not paying attention.

Once home, I realized that I'd left my briefcase there, behind the TCW table. I left a message with Jon B., and called the front desk. They said they'd try to reach Steve F., or secure it themselves, and leave me a message later as to its whereabouts.

I was going to stop at Quiznos on the way home to grab a sandwich, but ended up going straight home and making a grilled cheese sandwich out of one of the remaining hamburger buns. Yum.

I checked in with mom and dad to see how the stress test went. "I flunked," dad said. "I was ready to go, doing fine, got on it, and then they tilted it up! I would have done just fine if they'd left it flat. They said I could still travel, though."

Ah. The last hurdle. The trip is on. I got a chance to ask him if he has still kept the secret from mom. "Yes, of course!"

Robert and I left for Flex at about 8:30. It was a fun night. Later in the evening, Gerald stopped by with "Petey." (Is that really his name? Do we really have to call him that?) He (Gerald) was in a brace from his surgery, but seemed to be doing well, and to be in good spirits. I hope he can dance again some day.



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