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Lifewalking with him...

~Saturday~  I have been looking forward to seeing Sleepwalk With Me ever since I found out it was being made, and that Ira Glass of This American Life was involved in the project.

Recently, however, I joined an episode of This American Life in the middle of one of its segments, and if I surmised correctly, it was a piece of the material on which the movie was based, and I really didn't like it.

So, it was with just a little anxiety that I went to the 7:15 showing this evening at The Carolina Theatre, but I'm happy to report that I just loved it.

I liked two major things about this film:

  1. The protagonist. He was one of those characters who is just one huge hot mess, but who you can't possibly not like. Adorable.

  2. I loved the use of breaking the fourth wall, which is not a new concept by any means, but which was just very well exploited in this film. I particularly liked it when the protagonist used it to say something to the effect of, "And I'm just sneaking in here to remind you that you're on my side," at the exact time in the film that I began thinking, "This guy is a complete loser."

I really liked Leonard Maltin's review of the film, which I got to from an article in the Huffington Post called The Five Best Indie Movies to See This Month.
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