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Seeking to understand the crud in my Sonicare UV clean chamber...

~Saturday~ I have long had the FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush (3 modes, 2 brush heads, 1 soft travel case), which includes a "UV clean" brush head sanitizer chamber.

Here's what mine looks like:

Sonicare deluxe set -- tooth brush + UV clean chamber

And here's what it looks like when the sanitizer chamber is open:

UV clean chamber opened revealing two brushes

Along the top of the chamber, there are two buttons—one green and one white, and which you can see in the two images above—the white one simply opens the chamber door, and the green one starts the sanitation cycle. Between the two buttons, there's in inscription that says, "UV clean."

"Yeah, yeah, so what's the point?" you ask. Well, it's more of a question than a point.

I am seeking to understand how all that crud—that you can see in the image below—builds up in a chamber whose sole function is to sanitize your brushes to a "UV clean" state.

Close up in chamber showing crud build-up around the base of the brush I use the most
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