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5 bees currently festering in my bonnet...

~Tuesday~  There are a few things annoying me these days, so I thought I'd get them out in a blog entry to see if that'll dissipate them any.

They say that people click on articles with a low number of items—like 5—in their title, which is presumably how you got here.

THEY? Who in the HELL is THEY?

Here are the 5 things currently stuck in my craw:

  1. Yesterday it rained. When I got home my clocks were blinking. Today it rained. When I got home, my clocks were blinking again. Why does my power continue to go out at the drop of a... well at the drop of drop? #FrustratingBeyondBelief

  2. Who in their right mind ever thought airing a TV station's evening news on the radio would be a good idea? As soon as I hear, "As you can see here..." I scream in my head, "NO, ACTUALLY I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING HERE!!!" and immediately change the station.

  3. It really irritates me when I get a LinkedIn request to connect to someone whom I've never worked with. People, it's a professional reference site! I'm not going to refer or recommend you for a job if we've never worked together! And especially when you used the standard connect request form, instead of taking a moment to include a personalized message to me in your request! Today I got a request to connect to someone I only knew through a series of game nights I attended with him at least 10 years ago and I haven't seen since then! Did I mention I only knew him from games night; we've never worked together.

  4. It really annoys me when the price code sticker on a piece of fruit I've bought tears the skin off the fruit when I try to peel said sticker off. This has happened twice recently with plums I've purchased.

  5. I got into a spat at the gym the other day with a guy who put his water bottle in front of the Arm Curl machine while he was between sets and not standing anywhere around it. Not seeing anyone there, I moved the bottle, as people frequently forget bottles by machines, and I sat down to use the machine. A guy came over from another machine and said to me, "I'm using that machine; that's why I put my bottle in front of it." Uh, no you're not using it. Your bottle is on the floor in front of it and no one is using it. #Rude #Inconsiderate #SelfCentered #Discourteous
A bumblebee in a blue bonnet

I guess I feel better.
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